A small batch gin packed full of classic botanicals and infused with Raspberries, Ginger and Lime.

Body: Juniper & Orris Root
Sweet: Raspberry, Lemon & Orange Peel
Spice: Ginger and Cardamon.

40% vol.    70cl.



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Perfect Serve: You can enjoy our Raspberry, Ginger and Lime gin with an Artisan Pink Citrus tonic, garnished with couple of raspberries and plenty of ice to create a cool summer treat.

Why Raspberry Ginger & Lime?  We wanted to bring out a new summer gin by exploring the wonderful sweet summer berries we all enjoy and love. Working with mellowing ginger and citrus of lime to bring down that fruity sweetness in to a more pleasurable serve. This gin was inspired by Jonny’s late mother, whose favourite fruit was raspberry and would always enjoy a sweet gin in the garden during the summer.

What does it taste like? Each sip of our Raspberry, Ginger & Lime gin gives you a taste of summer with sweet notes from raspberry, orange and lemon before mellowing ginger and cardamon rounds off the serve.

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