setting sail on the broads...

During Spring 2020, when the world stood still, walking and exercise
became an escape. Walks along the open broads and the charming rivers
gave founder Jonathan the opportunity to enjoy The Norfolk Broads in all of its fine natural beauty. From discovering little hiking trails to sailing down small rivers, the wonders The Broads held was endless. Jonathan wanted to create gin that reflected that beauty whilst being able to help maintain it. With a goal set and a few tipsy gin tests and trials later, Broads Gin was born…

17th Century Norfolk saw its famous wherry ships scattered all across The Broads, distributing goods from the east at Yarmouth all the way to the fine city of Norwich. The Rivers and Peat dug Broads became the heart of Norfolk’s trading system. Today the Norfolk Broads has become a waterway for boat enthusiasts and tourists who have navigated and enjoyed its 125 miles of rivers and 60+ broads ever since. Known as the UK’s largest wetland, charities have created fantastic conservation projects, helping to protect the rare species found living in its nature reserves, such as
the Swallowtail butterfly and Norfolk Hawker dragonfly.

Broads Gin has made its mission to help protect The Broads by supporting Love The Broads Charity. Every Bottle Broads Gin sells, a percentage of profit is contributed to Love The Broads to help maintain environment protection areas, waterways, walking paths, information posts for education and much more. Keeping The Broads a special place for its inhabitants now and for the future.

Ariel view of the Norfolk Broads

core values


To create a traditional, flavoursome gin incorporating botanicals inspired by the regions rich history.


To shine a spotlight on the Broads and inspire people to adventure through its great outdoors.


To actively contribute to the conservation of the Broads' wildlife and its endangered species, alongside our charity partner, Love the Broads.

inspiring our gin


The inspiration for our label design comes from the influence the wherry boats had on the county. Its iconic large sail draped across the front helped pull heavy loads along the rivers. Sharp lines coming across the front of the bottle symbolizes those sails and gives the bottle a bold look.

BROADS GIN was inspired by the old railway posters which circulated in the the 1920s to bring tourism to Norfolk’s beauty spots. The Broads were an exciting destination to families to come and explore its nature and views on the comfort of day boats whilst enjoying picnics and a glass of gin.

‘BETWEEN THE REEDS’ is the phase used to describe the BROADS GIN logo.


The inspiration for our London Dry dates back to the 17th Century when merchants navigated the broads and rivers in wherry boats to transport exotic goods from the east. From spices to cloth, large wherry boats sailed across Norfolk to its fine city to bring this new world to market.

Green peppercorn, lemongrass and orange peel all contribute to a smooth flowing drop of a classic gin.

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